Durobor ® is not only a glass manufacturer but also a designer and a creator of concepts.

It is respected all over the world thanks to a specific design in a world of drinks.

Increased resistance prolongs lifetime of our glass during professional and home use.

It is proved by almost 100-year-old tradition.

Catalogue of Products

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Drink by Durobor

Drinking Glass

  • cocktails
  • wines and Sparkling Wines
  • soft Drinks & Spirits
  • beer
  • hot Drinks
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Eat by Durobor

Eating Glass

  • buffetware
  • dinnerware
  • glass Serving Pyramides
  • breakfast Glass
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Bottles by Durobor

Glass Bottles

  • water Bottle
  • wine Bottles
  • milk Bottles
  • bottles with Screw Cap